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Tomorrow's Children (1934) - American Forced Sterilization - Public Domain

Tomorrow's Children' (1934) which was also called 'The Unborn' in the UK. This video is in the public domain.

Please note the date of this movie. It is BEFORE the eugenics movement of Germany under Adolph Hitler, 1936 onward. That is because the eugenics movement started in America, and remains blight upon our history, and upon our present as well. Eugenics had its srongest hold in California, where forced sterilization was practiced with disturbing frequency. It was the eugenics practices of the US that inspired and encouraged Hitler to do the same. The shock and horror of Auschwitz and the Holocaust and of the hospital sanctioned murder of the "mentally defective", forced eugenics mostly underground. Planned Parenthood is the only open manifestation of eugenics in the US today. But as one can see from the "Georgia Guidestones" and the statemnets of certain British royalty, dedicated elitist adherents of eugenics are still quite alive and secretly active today.
If this movie seems a little tentative in its treatment of the subject of eugenics, remember when it was made. Unlike us, the writers and actors here did not have in hindsight the movie reels of emaciated bodies being bulldozed into trenches, or of the hastily abandomed crematoria surrounded fields full of ashes. The makers of this movie had foresight to warn us the best way they could, and the courage to go ahead with it. I'm sure many of them would live to witness the above described horrors that lay in their future, and wished with regret that more would have listened.

Thanks To:: reptilicus from Vancouver, Canada
"Alice Mason (Diane Sinclair) sure has her share of problems. She's the only one in her family who has a job; mom and dad spend the day guzzling cheap hootch and Dad won't even help clean the house because, he says, "That's no job for a man." Alice would like to marry her truck driver boyfriend Jim (Donald Douglas) but that would mean leaving her family alone. A well meaning but misguided doctor reports to the court that Alice's family is made up of "drunks, cripples and idiots" and suggests that the whole family be ordered by the court to be sterilised to prevent them for siring any more societal misfits like themselves."
"Science fiction? A look into a possible Orwellian future? A warning against a Totalitarian government? Sorry but this is all true! When this movie was made 28 states had laws allowing mandatory sterilisation of criminals and people the courts deemed "unfit"."
"Okay now back to the review. As always the government is far from perfect. A drooling, hollow eyed psychotic is spared having to go under the knife even after he nearly assaults a nurse. Why? Because his dad is rich and slips the judge a big role of bills! Sadly Alice has no one to intercede for her except her boyfriend. Lucikly Jim learns an important clue about Alice from her drunken mother. Ah, but will he be in time to save her from the operation? For cryin' out loud Jim, drive faster!"
"Director Crane Wilbur was the brave hero in the action serial THE PERILS OF PAULINE (1914). He began to divide his time between acting and directing and this Poverty Row short is one of his efforts. He also went on to direct the 1959 remake of THE BAT; this one, starring Vincent Price, is the best remembered of all the versions."
"Comedian Sterling Holloway pops up in a supporting role as an overworked intern whose efforts to take a much needed nap are constantly being spoiled. A year earlier Mr. Holloway had appeared in a musical number in the multi-starred comedy INTERNATIONAL HOUSE. He would go on to be the voice of Winnie The Pooh in several made for TV cartoons."
"Sure TOMORROW'S CHILDREN is exploitation at its scariest but it's also a look into a dark aspect of past society."

If you want to know more about the true and very creepy history of the (ongoing) American eugenics movement I recommend the Alex Jones movie ENDGAME, which I believe is available on Internet Archive as well as on YouTube. Also see the ENGAME Free Companion Library, which has thorough documentation of this issue and of the ENDGAME movie's othe related subjects as well. This library can be downloaded at:

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Reviewer: The Beekeeper - - September 24, 2011
Subject: American Eugenics
This film is very chilling. A rare window into the American Eugenics movement. At the time it was made, eugenics was accepted by much of America. Both the liberals and the conservatives found it appealing. Many Ivy League Colleges taught eugenics, while many industrialists funded it. Eugenics even found support in the church. What is disturbing is that this is not known. After Hitler a collective amnesia fell over the country. As result we have not learned from our mistakes and are likely to repeat them.
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